Liposomal electrolyte formula  mineral mix 500ml

Liposomal electrolyte formula mineral mix 500ml

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Boost your body's hydration and mineral balance with our Liposomal Electrolyte Formula. This advanced formula utilizes liposomal technology to deliver electrolytes directly to cells for maximum absorption. Improve your overall health and performance with this essential mineral mix.

Refrigerate and use within one month.

This is a complex of the essential electrolytes encased in a liposome

  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Sodium

These essential electrolytes are made in to a highly absorbable liposomal formula with distilled water and Sunflower Lecithin.

There are studies that show the effectiveness of an electolyte formulation 

"Results: The liposomal formulation proved to be more effective than the sodium-glucose co-transport system measured as: Speed of rehydration about three times faster; and amount of product intake about 60% fewer dosage. For the three most relevant indications of rehydration, namely, body weigh recovery, [Na] and hematocrit, the liposomal formulation's experimental group showed a significant improvement against the commercial's formula experimental group."

American Journal of Gastroenterology 112():p S590-S591, October 2017.


PLEASE NOTE: My liposomals are untouched, so you are getting a concentrated amount of liposomes. To taste you can add to any cold drink. Unlike some claims made by even trusted companies, these liposomes are not created inside the body or inside the capsule! It is a specific process.

The standard orally administrated multi supplement is partially destroyed by the acids and enzymes of the digestive system, before it can reach the small intestine, where most nutrient absorption takes place. The percentage that survives with a liposome is higher and the uptake is better too, than any other delivery method.

Once in the small intestine, food in your stomach can affect how you absorb nutrients, the standard oral Multi vitamin is slowly absorbed, potentially taking many hours to reach the bloodstream.

Liposomal Encapsulation Technology solves the above oral administration (PO) issues, as it utilizes “liposomes” for transportation, which are nano-sized bubbles, made from a phospholipid, which is the same material our cell membranes are made of.

When a substance, for example a vitamin or drug, in this case complex, is encapsulated within these nano-sized bubbles, this substance is better protected from the digestive system's destructive acids and enzymes.

Because the complex is now encapsulated within these nano-sized, fat soluble Liposomes, once in the small intestine, it can now be very efficiently transported into the bloodstream, and finally delivered, with high cellular uptake. It can maintain the high cellular uptake because the multi complex is hidden within the Liposomes, and continues to be accepted into the cells.

In fact, Liposomal Encapsulated Supplements can sometimes have better cellular uptake than infusions delivered intravenously (IV). Typically, supplements delivered via IV Infusions are not encapsulated within phospholipid Liposomes, so they have trouble penetrating the cellular membrane. As opposed to Liposomal Encapsulated Substances, which are easily accepted, and pass through the cellular membrane.

Sodium260mg (11%RI*)Potassium77mg (3.9%RI*)Calcium47mg (5.9%RI*)Magnesium7.5mg (2%RI*) Ascorbic acid

Take 2 X 5ml daily
1 months supply 300ml
2 people or higher doses 500ml

Handwritten label