Here are some free resources, some are collated by myself and others are excellent protocols proven in the field of orthomolecular medicine, I have added My story, Medication free me to highlight how I managed to stop taking medications and enjoy life again.

📌 Vax Help 

📌PDF Liver and Gallbladder Flush

📌Joe Tippens Protocol - Fenbenzanole

📌Niacin Fact Sheet

📌Carnivore Meat Heals

📌 Breast Cancer PDF





📌Best Lecture on vitamin C by Suzanne Humphries

Nebulizing Vitamin C

Objections to vitamin C

whole food Or Synthetic

Bowel Tolerance Test


📌Benzo Withdrawl

📌Article on Solar Flares and effects on human body





📌Medication Free me

A brief description of my journey from the underworld to wellness from ME and suicidal depression after 22 years