Bowel Tolerance

Vitamin C is one of the most important anti-oxidants that our bodies need. Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency include bleeding gums, easy bruising, fatigue, low immune system or frequent colds and flu, muscle aches and pains, dry skin and hair, and even mood changes.


Some patients need 2 grams per day and some need 20 grams. When we take more than we can use, our body eliminates extra vitamin C into our bowels and we feel this as a “girgle” or a “movement” in the bowel. This test will determine how many grams your body needs per day. To determine your “bowel tolerance” amount, do the following test.



Vitamin C Flush Directions - Mix 2 grams in water every 15 minutes until your bowels become loose. Keep note of total grams taken!  Cut back 10% on future days to achieve bowel tolerance. Split this amount throughout the days.