Vitamin C, see? Curing Tooth Decay And Receding Gums

Last year I didn’t eat for a month and lived on coconut water and juice. A week in to the month my teeth started to hurt, my gums started visibly receding and holes appeared. Eventually I ended up fighting off the pain of a wisdom tooth that needed removing by taking vitamin c each day to bowel tolerance (I sit at about 15g a day, 20 if I’m unwell, (find you bowel tolerance instructions here) and drinking copious amounts of pineapple juice ( the bromine in it reduces inflammation)

The dentist could not believe with the state of the tooth she extracted that I had managed on vitamin c and pineapple juice. Research on vitamin c and ceasing pain in patients that had relied on opiates for years at the turn of last century in the Edinborough university hospital is enlightening.

The vitamin c had my gums healed and stopped further tooth decay within 2 weeks. The holes stopped growing and haven’t been a problem since.

Its been proven in studies that we need vitamin C for dental health….


“In vitamin c deficient guinea pigs the dentine in developing teeth ceased to form and the pulp became separated from the dentine by liquid. There was either a cessation of dentine manufacture, or the dentine manufactured was of inferior quality. The pulp itself was shrunken and, free from the dentine was floating in liquid. Rapid repair followed by the administration of vitamin c in natural form”

Please note that although this author states natural form, it is ascorbic acid in form that I take and recommend as the chemical structure is the same as the final product in the many animals that manage to produce vitamin c within their bodies.

These vitamin c deficient guinea pigs led me to thinking about the mystery of the generation of children (and adults) that are having horrible teeth issues. Very healthy, breast fed children with painfully rotten teeth.

There’s a lot to be said that most people are really only just avoiding scurvy and have what’s called sub-clinical scurvy.

Vitamin c binds together every single cell in the body…..

Let that sink in….. Every single cell!

Im unsure why people expect to obtain nutrients from our seriously depleted land, with leaky guts and using medications….? ???!

We NEED to supplement for prime health, And especially so in pregnant women. Our bodies are under so much pressure when pregnant and rather than eating healthily we tend to just eat more. Government propaganda tells us that vitamin c causes miscarriage. And yet Im witnessing daily reports of vitamin c babies born through out the world where mums have taken 10 to 15g a day and had very healthy pregnancies and easy births.

Most of us take the crappy pregnancy multi vitamins, with a piss in the ocean of what we need nutritionally.  A high volume of vitamin c is found in the placental cord and mother’s milk has high concentrations, it also helps bone formation. Mother and baby need….. vitamin c. 

Sadly many people believe the line that we urinate out any vitamin C we take. Which is a half truth, we only do this once we are saturated, and unless you have found your bowel tolerance this statement is meaningless. Many studies see huge improvements of most ailments in people supplementing with small doses. The more stress your body is under the more you need to become well. If undergoing surgery your body uses up vast amounts of vitamin C, much more than your average orange!

Ascorbic Acid is a must for everyone.