Vitamin C And Instant Reversal Of Liver Degeneration

#101 reasons why we all need to be taking Vitamin C
The Liver

Vitamin C is extremely important for the Liver.
Researchers who discovered this fact tested carefully to make certain that some other element in their diet might not be influencing their conclusion, like one of the B vitamins for instance, Choline. Choline prevents livers from becoming fatty.
C. G Willis in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, June 15th 1957 showed that scurvy affected the liver. Later on the subject was mostly neglected because scientists where using. Animals that make their own vitamin c (they all do except guinea pigs, man and the ape family)

Fatty degeneration of the liver occurs when choline is lacking in the diet. Several other circumstances have been investigated too, taking in to account fatty acids in the diet, any antibiotics taken, thyroid drugs used. None of this uncovered any further information on Vitamin C and the liver.

Dr Willis set up an elaborate experiment where by he fed 115 different guinea pigs different diets. In brief, the conclusion shows with no doubt that a lack of vitamin c will produce a fatty liver.

Giving ample (bowel tolerance daily) Vitamin C causes the harmful deposits to disappear rapidly. Dr Willis shows that a degeneration of the liver can occur in as little as 3 weeks from the onset of a diet low in fat and deficient in vitamin C.  The choline which orders fats around in the body didn’t relieve the condition, and yet giving Vitamin C did. Dr Willis concluded that vitamin c and choline have two entirely separate functions so far as fat is concerned.

“This is not the first time it has been shown that ascorbic acid has lipotropic properties” he then quotes research that the deposits of cholesterol present in human Hardening of the arteries is dissolved by vitamin C.

Lack of vitamin C causes intercellular material to dissolve and collapse. Giving vitamin c immediately causes the liver to begin to reconstruct these cells once again.

Now you can-be even more confident about the benefits you reap from taking ample vitamin C.

Source: The complete book of vitamins. By J.I.Rodale and staff. Pub: 1976